What our valued customers are saying!

“I wanted my whip made from kangaroo hide and David from Warwick Whips was more than helpful. He had it made for me in a short time and it looked amazing! I am extremely happy with the quality of my whip and when I used it for the first time, I loved the feel of it in my hand and how easy it was to get the most out of it. I will be getting my children whips from Warwick Whips and would recommend their whips to everyone from the backyard to the stockyard!”

  • Zoe Cox, Warwick, Queensland, Australia


“I wish I had captured on camera the moment my grandson Ethan opened his present on Christmas day and found the whip you had crafted. He threw his arms around me and said it was the best present he had ever had. He loves it and has used it daily ever since. He is able to get a decent “crack” for it most tries. His little sister is quite good at it too. I thought you would be pleased to know how much fun he is having with the whip. Many thanks again for providing such a fine product.”

  • Marie, Robina, Qld, Australia

“Thank you for the whip. It’s definitely going to be very handy, it’s so easy to get a crack out of and will be great for the yards. With impeccable craftsmanship it has perfect and consistent colour to the leather as ordered and the plait looks great. It feels so light in the hand as well which also adds to its easy use.”

  • Tom, Hamilton, Victoria, Australia


“I received the whip this afternoon and am very impressed with it, particularly the workmanship that has gone into it. It is better than any whip I have seen, and I am very pleased to have purchased it from someone who clearly has a passion for making a quality Australian product.”

  • Andrew, Hackett, NSW, Australia


“I recently purchased a 6 foot 4 plait redhide stock whip. I am delighted with the quality and craftsmanship. Obviously you have a passion for what you do and this is definitely portrayed in the final product. Thank you so much for your friendly helpful service and I look forward to giving this as a much anticipated present.”

  • Aimee, Gayndah, Qld, Australia


“Received your whip. Great looks and workmanship. Now starts the hard part – learning the correct use. Let me know when you can ship kangaroo to the USA.”

  • Otto, Arkansas, USA


“G’day David – got the whip today and you have done a great job. It is a pleasure to see such good quality workmanship, and at a great price too. Thanks for your work and your kind words. Thanks again – I am very pleased with what you have done to the old girl.”

  • Terry, Oxley, Qld, Australia


“You can buy ANYTHING you want on the internet and that certainly includes stock whips. When I began browsing the web looking for a whip, I found plenty. I found Warwick Whips website informative, easy to use and their prices reasonable. Best of all, when I promptly received my whip it was a ripper! A few extra touches that aren’t easily spotted in photos that make a difference. Great attention to detail. Thanks mate!”

  • Matt, Brandy Hill, NSW, Australia


“Many thanks Dave, great service and a quality product. The conditioner with the whip a great way to keep an excellent product for many years.”

  • Simon, Bracken Ride, Qld, Australia


“Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. The whip I ordered for my grandson arrived today. It looks and feels great. It is obvious you take pride in your work. Without meaning to sound too dramatic, it is a real work of art. Congratulations on producing such an outstanding product. I am sure my grandson will get a lot of pleasure from using the whip! That is if he can get it off me!!! Can’t wait till Christmas! He will be delighted. Again, many thanks.”

  • Marie, Robina, Qld, Australia

I contacted David regarding the repair of an old family riding crop to see if he could assist with repairs. We were unable to find anyone in South Australia to assist us. He replied immediately and we forwarded the crop for repair. David has done a wonderful job restoring it to its original condition. We could not be more pleased with the craftsmanship on the repair and can certainly recommend his services. A great talent.

Thank you David – The Day Family.


Thank you again for your prompt service. We really appreciate the great craftsmanship on the repair to the crop.