Old Friends Meet Again

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I recently received a call from a bloke in Brisbane wanting his whips repaired. After a bit of discussion I asked his name and he said it was Eddie. It rang a bell. Turns out he and I used to work together at the Queensland Cultural Centre about 10 years ago.

He sent me his whips for repair which were two 12-strand roo hide whips which were made by Shane Fogarty.


Shane had done a beautiful job on both whips, both well balanced and plaited. It is nice to see such fine work.

The repairs consisted of replacing both falls, and the keeper of one whip, and a good application of leather conditioner (which will be available on my site shortly so keep an eye out for that).

Once the repairs were complete Eddie came out for the day so we could catch up have some lunch. It just goes to show what a small world it is!

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