Peter Bondfield OAM – A Life Well Lived: 1928-2013

It is a very sad day on the Granite Belt and Southern Downs, with the sad news of Peter Bondfield’s passing.

I first met Peter about 4 years ago at a plaiters’ meeting in Toowoomba, Qld and from there through regular contact we became friends. Peter was a very active member of the plaiters’ group and always happy to pass on helpful hints and advice to young plaiters, and always happy to take the time to just sit and talk.

Peter had many loves but his most loved was his family: wife Valerie and their four children and ten grandchildren of whom he was immensely proud. Peter was a very active community member in the Stanthorpe Show and the Apple and Grape Festival, and was known as the Voice of Stanthorpe, a role he fulfilled for 50 years. Peter was the first man to bring Charolais cattle to Australia, which his son David has taken on to great success. Peter was also a life member of the Australian and Queensland Pony Clubs, another of his loves being to teach children to ride. He has loved horses from the age of 13 acquiring his first horse at that age after working two jobs delivering milk and papers.

My sympathies go out to the Bondfield family and to all who knew Peter – he will be sadly missed.

If you would like to read more about Peter to go out Legends Page as Peter was kind enough to let my daughter interview him in October 2012 about his life and plaiting. The transcript of the interview is available for download. The audio is also available.

Peter Bondfield

Peter Bondfield

(Photo taken 8/10/2012)


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