Whipping Parliament into Shape

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I received a call from a new customer the other day. He informed me he was coming to Warwick for a function and wanted to check out our whips, in particular any 12 plait roo hide whips. I told him I had an 8 plait latico (cow hide) whip with a full plait handle and that I could get a roo hide for him to look at. As it turned out the new customer was Scott Buchholz MP (www.scottbuchholz.com.au), member for Wright in Queensland.

Scott is the Deputy Whip for the LNP. The role of the Whip is to organise the members of the LNP and keep Parliament running. (Party Whip information)

So Scott has two of our whips hanging in his office in Parliament and I believe he will be demonstrating his cracking prowess for the cameras around 12 November 2013, so hopefully I can get the footage.

Scott Buchholz MP with his two Warwick Whips

Scott Buchholz MP with his two Warwick Whips

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